Wake me up when September ends and I’m that much closer to sexy.

I am a list making expert.  I might not be super good at completing to-dos or buying the items on said list, I get easily distracted, but at least I try damnnit.  And isn’t that all that really matters?

Since this all started as a way to up my awesomeness, keep on the same track with the crazy and get all Stacy Keibler, professional arm candy hot, I thought I’d write up a goal list for September.  FYO, it’s one that could actually be accomplished.  Huzzah.

it's cool, I like to lounge on couches while wearing evening gowns in my backyard too.

Goals for September

  1. Successfully complete Whole30.  No grains, no dairy, no sugar, no soda, oh my god.
  2. Be able to run two miles without stopping/dying/barfing.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds, okay!!!
  3. To do this two sets of ass and arm moves everyday.  because idk when someone might want to take me to the beach.cause a girl needs to have her own set of guns.
  4. Make over the atrocious spare room in my basement haven.  My dead dad painted it blue because he believed it would make his TV viewing experience that much better, but hey guess what, he’s still dead.  so dibbs!  I’ll be making it over into a craft/wrapping room.  And maybe a home office if I ever decide to get a job.

So, is it doable?  Do other people set up monthly goals or am I the only one who takes all those magazine articles and self-help books seriously?

Love you, mean it.


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