I’d prefer a rooster.

“in an ideal world, no one would talk until 10 am.  people would just hug, because waking up is really hard.” Zooey Deschanel 

I absolutely hate waking up early.  During the summer, my job allowed me to sleep until noon everyday.  I’d wake up at 6, feed and water my pets, prop open a door and go back to sleep.

Now I.ve started a super-parttime job which requires me to be functional at 8 am and I’ve just paid for a 5:45 am bootcamp experience to get me through the New Year. Like, what the fuck Muff.

This past weekend I had to be up silly early. And by silly early I mean 4:30 Saturday and 3:15 today.  Saturday I overdosed on rice krispie treats and Diet Dr.Pepper.  Now that I’ve started Whole30 I drank a kombucha and had a sweet potato muffin.  My energy is way higher then it was Saturday, so maybe things are working out so far.
I’m flying to North Carolina for 48 hours.  I’ve got more muffins in my backpack, running shoes in my duffle and enough cleavage to make any politician do a doubletake on live tv.

Love you, mean it.

Update: traveling and Whole30 are like superhard for a girl who is unprepared.  Like mom, I know we’re houseguests and all, but I think your pastor friend is trying to sabotage me.  Whatevs.  I’ll be sticking as close as I can until Thursday and I’ll just make a killer shopping list meal plan. 

Oh, and PS, I was totally going to put in this supercute, girl crush worthy photo of Zooey fishing, but my iPad is being all “bitch, I own you.”. Which it does.  So I demanded that you go google “Zooey Deschanel fishing GQ.” okay? Okay.


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