babblings, part 1

The problem with whirlwind trips; especially ones where 75% is already booked with boring expos, required sleep and dinner with your mom’s friends, is that a girl has zero time to explore, window shop, people watch and eyefuck sexy strangers.

This superquick trip to North Carolina has reminded me that I need to take more adventures. Granted, I need the money to pay for them, so maybe this will be my inspiration to get a job too.

So, I don’t know. It’s a solid fact that all I’ve posted on her so far is random, socially psycho babble. Does a girl need to hash things out before she can truly start her reinvention/self-betterment? Is it creepy that I’m doing it on the Internet instead of with a therapist? Or is it totally normal given our society’s ability to overshare?

Love you, mean it.



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