what in the world…

So far all the posts I’ve done have been a fabulous intro into the silly, lack of focus that is my life. Just writing it out and putting it on the Internet has forced me to realize that maybe I am a little bit of a weirdo. Like, maybe I can see why I’ve managed to scare a few boys off, but hey, whatever. Now that I’ve introduced a few people into the not so deep thoughts that roll through my brain, it’s time to get things started.
Here’s a quick update; Tuesday thru Thursday I flew to North Carolina. In January I’m coleading a January term trip to Cuba for Guilford College, and this was where the head leader (my mom) and I passed out flyers and got emails of interested kids. Of course we got some very excited kids, and now I’m anxious for January.
The part that sucks? I totally fell of the Whole30 wagon. 1. I must learn to pack snacks. 2. I need to grow the balls to say no. I know dairy and gluten make me break out and feel yucky; why in the world did I eat them? Starting tomorrow I’ll be back on track and going full throttle. Granted, it helps that I have zero plans from now until October, so I can focus. Holla for me.
Today’s menu?
Berry smoothie and scrambled eggs. I know Whole30 is all like, eat your food, don’t drink it. Whatevs. I threw back my smoothie before work and the eggs after.
Lunch was tuna mixed with avocado instead of mayo, tomato and cukes all on a giant plate of spinach. Yum.
Powering through dinner tonight will be difficult. I’m making one of my favorite dishes for 125 people. They’ll be nomming on chicken noodles with mashed potatos; I’ll be chowing down on a chopped chicken salad and sweet potatoes. Totally worth it…


One thought on “what in the world…

  1. Cyndi

    I also started the Whole30 on 9/1, but I can’t imagine traveling…or cooking non-Whole30 for 125 people and staying compliant. You have my admiration! Hang in there!


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