Period Party vs. Whole30

Two days ago I got the greatest monthly surprise ever…my period. I know it shouldn’t come with a “Thank you Baby Jesus” scream in the bathroom, but I totally slipped up on my no boys/sex rule and well, long story short, I’m a total unsafe idiot slut.

Now, usually on my period I like to find the greatest way to mix salt, peanut butter and caramel and chocolate. Last month I made a Rolo and Reese’s cheesecake with a pretzel crust, the month before that a batch of peanut butter cookies with pretzel M&Ms mixed right on in. Totally delicious and totally not allowed on Whole30. So now I’m dealing with a wave of emotions that I usually greet with a snack and a nap. My Pinterest app isn’t working on my phone, so I can’t hunt down anything that might pass the Whole30 list of appropriate period noshes, I’m feeling extra bloated and my skin is breaking out. This is absolutely no fun. Maybe every time I crave a Reese’s ‘ll just do ten pushups. I bet that would change my mind real quick.

Only two more days though, right?


I’d tell you that I love you, but right now I just want to cuddle a (stuffed) bunny and then drop kick it.

And if you have any ideas for Whole30, ladytime snacks then please share. Two days now seems like an eternity.


One thought on “Period Party vs. Whole30

  1. khaniasJournal

    dark chocolate may not be allowed. But I always allow myself a few pieces on these days. I find that if I restrain myself from small treats I will indulge in bigger ones later on. Good luck!


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