A trip to the ‘city’…

Clearly I need to work on my lighting and rock this new do with a white shirt.

Living in a small town means a trip to the ‘city’, aka Ames, IA, always requires planning. This visit the main highlight was my hair. All summer long I have been fantasizing about mermaid tips. All summer long I have been thwarted by my enemies. coughcough mom. But last week I was all like, screw it. Since I have a superparttime job and absolutely nothing I need to look serious for, I decided to go for it. Usually I’d go to my preferred little haircutter lady named Abby, except she’s not allowed to do fun colors. Whatever Abby. Instead I texted a former lifeguard who’s going to school to make people all glamorous and she of course jumped right along.

After four hours of sitting in a chair, next to a girl I wanted to beat, Taylor finished up, had her project that was enhancing my beauty okayed and I was on my way.

Then we did the normal necessary things one most do when in a city with wonderful things. Target, kombucha buying, and due to Whole30, NOT going to the self service fro-yo bar. Whatever.

Now I’m off to walk Scotti and daydream.

Love you, mean it.


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