Dear Mommy

Dear mom,
I know you love me. I mean, how could you not? I am an excellent basement dweller, always make dinner and occasionally do laundry. I seriously need Internet and Netflix though. Below I’ll give you (and the world) reasons why.

1. With Netflix I won’t always be fighting with the antenna or decide to watch 6 hours of crime shows because they’re whats playing on the one channel that isn’t fuzzy.
2. I’ll have a better idea of what my peers are talking about when they start discussing current TV programs and stars. This might lead to me actually making friends.
3. I’ll occasionally even choose to watch a documentary, thus making me smarter.
4. Without Internet, there’s really no need for Netflix.
5. Imagine all the new recipes I could find.
6. I could constantly be on the look out for big girl jobs!
7. And when not looking for and applying to big girl jobs, I could be doing fantastic projects, revamping our (your) home and maybe even open up a little shop.
8. I could blog about these projects, the recipes, what I’m watching and maybe the blog would become famous and I could make some money.
9. Or the fame could lead to a reality show/book deal. You know that we are way cooler than Kris and Kim. Epic showdown?
10. I could become the best Internet dater ever! Find a rich husband who wants to pay my bills and yours and then you’d finally have that empty nest.

So let’s do it. I did the math, don’t you love me?

Love you, mean it.


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