rabbit, rabbit. October 2012

It’s finally October! It seems like I was just making my list of September goals, the majority which I followed through with. This month, I’m a lady with a plan. I’ve scheduled all my workouts, made sure to make a note of all my social days, and am obsessing over this list of fall To-Dos that’s making the rounds on Pinterest.

The goals this month are simple:
1. Go to boot camp every M/W/F. And since I’m a day late in posting this, the first two classes were fanatically evil.

So far, so good.

My October workout plan.

2.Be able to run 3 miles without stopping.
3. Just say no to soda.
4. Put some actual effort into my appearance, every day. And this hasn’t happened yet. My bad.

I wish I could say that I wrapped up the blue room, but the various piles of things that need to be correctly (and greenly) disposed of is a bit overwhelming. Now to find spots to recycle electronics AND ancient cans of paint. now, tell me that this doesn't look a little overwhelming.


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