Saving is for suckers. I’m a sucker.

Some scenes from our jaunt.

Every day, I take my dog Scotti on a walk. We don’t go very far, just over a mile, but it’s always a calming time filled with thoughts, smells and territory marking. On today’s walk I was thinking about my finances and my closet. I know that in 2013, I want to make my life that much better.
Let’s face it, I could use a big shakeup.
So, I decided that I wouldn’t be spending anymore money on clothes, shoes, undies and accessories until one of two things happen.
1. I drop 30 pounds.
2.I get a big girl job.
Clearly I won’t be buying any goods for a while. I’ll be gone for three straight weeks in January, so I can’t really apply for big girl jobs. And it takes time to lose 30 pounds. So for the next few months I’ll be trying to creatively pull together outfits from what I already own, try new combos, dare to wear some items that I bought on a whim. And making my resume fantastic, with a killer cover letter to boot.
I figure it’s all a nice step as I continue this Dating Detox a’la Patty Stanger.
Who knew it could be so exhausting to work on growing up?


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