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Tuesday’s lovely look, complete with a fall themed pedicure.

The Orpheum, way more fun than Starbucks.

My brother Patric and his wife Paige are visiting for the week and this means a few different things.
1. There is always really good snack food in the house.
2. I always have to put on a bra and can’t walk around in my undies.
3. I actually have things to do.
On Monday, after a barre video and walk with Scotti, we piled in the car and went to Marshalltown.
Four pedicures, a dirty chai, poking around Goodwill and loads of margaritas and Queso dip. It almost made it okay that I missed New Girl and The Mindy Project.


drunk princess takes control

Drunk Muff

Have you ever made a really stupid drunk decision? One that will clearly effect your life for a while? Something along the lines of a one night stand or winning a wet t-shirt contest. Well, I got drunk and signed up for a half marathon.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon to be exact. What exactly was I trying to prove? No freakin clue. But now I have 125 days to not only turn my chubby self int a runner, but a long distance runner. Ew. I downloaded an app, 13.1 for Pink, to help me train. And signed up for bootcamp. I’ve already dropped 20 pounds and can run for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES without stopping, but that’s clearly not enough.

My new app, which better be worth $10.

Now I have 125 days to go from this:

Me, now. Chubby, but adorable.

to this:

Now to decide on a costume.

Pecan Bars

One of my favorite things about fall and Thanksgiving is Pecan Pie. Like, I could eat a whole one and be a happy turkey.
The only issue is, I suck at making pie. Thank God I found this recipe on Pinterest for Pecan Bars. They were deliciously simple, a hit with grownups and would probably bring you to foodgasm if served with vanilla ice cream. And I had ALL of the ingredients in my pantry. Like whoa.

I love a good foodgasm.

Pecan Bar

Bayou Brownies

Bayou Brownies

Last weeks youth group treat was another Pinterest find. I told myself recently that I wasn’t able to pin any more recipes, crafts of projects until I completed at least half of the ones that are already on my boards.
These Bayou Brownies, which are very similar to Paula Deen’s Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, were a total hit with the middle schoolers. I happened to enjoy the gluten/sugar/dairy filled bite that I had as well.

Nutella Swirl Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Recipe

I discovered this recipe on Twitter last winter. No, I can’t tell you who originally posted it or any of that legal jazz, but I can tell you that I am so happy that person exists. I only bake mine for eight and a half minutes, because I fully believe that cookies should be chewy and soft, and used both white chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips.

Now, what should I make for youth group this week?

baking for babes

A Delicious Failure

Every week, I bake. I bake because I love it. The warm oven, the KitchenAid, attempting to not eat dough. I bake for my friend’s junior high youth group, I bake for various meetings my mom attends, I bake because sometimes it’s the only way I can think of to show people that they are cared for.
Last week for youth group I decided to try this recipe from Six Sisters, which I stumbled upon via Pinterest. What I got was a glooby mess, so I did what any normal girl woul do. I melted some marshmallows and butter and made cereal bars. They looked delicious, and he junior highers approved. Moms of junior highers; sorry for snacking your kids with marshmallows, cake mix, almond bark and sprinkles.
That’s a lie. I’m not sory at all.